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Falling in Love

with the world again

I won't mince words: I am falling out of love with the world as it burns down around me.

But I am committed to contributing my skills and talents to incite change - one story at a time. 


Sustainable Aquaculture at

The Farmory

Helping The Farmory grow food, people, and community with fully renovated web content and redesign.

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Explore Breakthrough's end-to-end content marketing strategy on their website, featuring industry-leading insights, research, and digital experiences. 


Wisconsin Open Education Community Fellow

Inspired by the the writings of conservationist Aldo Leopold, see how kids of all ages connected to the world around them to become environmental stewards with the help of The Wisconsin Idea.  


Leadership Journal: Beyond the Movement

Read my analysis of how fundamental shifts across industries will elevate transportation.



Green Bay

Serving on their board of directors, learn how Literacy is changing the lives of adult learners from all demographics, backgrounds, and experiences. 


Young Professionals Advisory Council

To create a thriving community you have to tap into the voices and ideas that represent its people. See how we advocate for young professional and diverse interests in economic development.

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