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Jill of all trades

master of some

Life is too short for one adventure, so I fill my time seeking out new doses of adrenaline and wonder. 

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Be your own sunshine today ☀️ ••••_Come
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Take a Yoga class

with me

I am a 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor! In the grand scheme of a 5,000-year-old practice and field of study, that is just a drop in the bucket, but I have a hunger to learn for a lifetime.


My teaching style is based on vinyasa and focuses on empowering my students to own their practice. I love teaching advanced asanas with innovative breakdowns to make them accessible and feasible for everyone in the class. We are our own worst critics, and I am here to give you the little nudge you need to break out of your comfort zone. 

I am also a budding Ashtanga practitioner and look forward to a day when I can share that passion with students as well. 

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Flight School: Bakasana

Crow Pose Every Which Way

In this two-hour intensive we will dive into the fundamentals, anatomy, and progressions of crow pose (bakasana), side crow (parsva bakasana), and transitions into and out of them. Starting from the ground up we will break down and modify the pose for the earliest arm balance novices and build to offer variations to challenge advanced practitioners. Class will end with an overview of strength building drills, a discussion about incorporating crow variations into your regular practice, and an integrated crow flow. 

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Street Swing


Whether you're practicing for a wedding dance, to woo your boo, or just to have a good time, swing dancing is for everyone. 

I teach from a place of enjoyment, so these lessons are no-frills and intended to keep your feet moving! No dance experience necessary (and frankly, that's preferred!)

Get your swing on for your next night out, fundraiser, or private lesson. 



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