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Redesign for the whole system

Our strategies are inherently flawed.

We've all been a part of the never-ending strategic planning spiral. We spend weeks, months, sometimes years figuring out how to organize and focus an organization around a set goals, often set by a small leadership team, and then we all run out to create plans and tactics to pursue them. 

At best, it is a simple, repeatable process that points us in the same direction and allows us to measure success year-over-year. 

At worst, it becomes busy work; long, detailed powerpoint decks that sit on the shelf until next year. They focus on low-hanging fruit and can't see beyond the 3- or 5-year horizon.


The results are incremental.

How is your strategy addressing its greatest threats?  Who does it serve? Is your organization looking at climate change, social unrest, resource scarcity, and economic adversity as a key element of your long-term vision and strategy?

If your vision starts and ends with a business case, you haven't gone far enough. 

We need to build things in service to a wider set of priorities.

We have been thinking too short-sighted. All of our systems are striving for success based on today's measurements, rules, and resources. But those parameters didn't exist a few centuries or even decades ago. So why do we cling to them? If a business, or government, or community isn't around in future, why does it matter today? 

When you zoom out to consider the very-long-term, you realize that almost nothing we have built is built to last.


There is no business case for a world overcome by climate change. There is no future for a system built on social injustice. Exponential growth is not only improbable, it is impossible. 

20170322-DSC_0532 (1).jpg

We need to think bigger.


How do I get started?

We just start.

Inspired by sustainability, design, business, and conservation, we are setting a new standard for how we approach  the ambiguous world of strategy. By challenging and building upon traditional models, this approach provides new frameworks and processes to reimagine how we build our interconnected systems. 

If you are interested in exploring a new perspective for your organization from a systems and foresight lens, we have serveral easy ways to get you started. 


Dedicated consulting engagements are an avenue to explore complex, widespread, challenges for organization's that are in it for the long-haul.


Fit for conferences, universities, and gatherings, keynotes plant seeds of inspiration, spark new conversations, and challenge existing perspectives.


For more discreet, clearly defined goals and gatherings, a customized workshop gives you hands-on experience with the tools for this pracitce. 

This is a perspective, a practice, and an iterative research project. And it starts with leaders and organizations who are willing to take a dive and challenge the way we build for the future. 

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