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A New Approach to Systems Strategy 


Invitation to Imagine

Society needs to redefine its own rules and redesign the very foundations of our systems, governments, communities, and economies to survive the very-long-term.

To do so, I have four core alignments that I invite everyone to recognize before we begin.

Bringing a New Vision to Life

Inspired by sustainability, design, business, and conservation, this is an iterative research project, that hopes to create tools, workshops, and thought leadership that allows us to set new standards in how "we" approach  strategic thinking. By challenging and building upon traditional models, this research provides a new framework to drive forward the systems that make up the foundation of society, including businesses, communities, organizations, governments, and education. 

This research is a practice. It is iterative, ongoing, and starts with leaders and organizations who are willing to take a dive and challenge the way we build for the future. There are several ways this work has manifested, but every experience is entirely unique, and takes on a life of its own based on who you bring into the room, the goals you set before you, and the space you leave to create change. 


For complex, widespread, or ill-defined goals, dedicated consulting engagements may be the right avenue to foster the change you are looking for.


For larger groups, conferences, universities, or other gatherings, a keynote conversation will plant the seeds to get started. 


For more discreet, clearly defined goals and gatherings, a customized workshop gives you hands-on experience with the tools for this pracitce. 

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