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As an interdisciplinary designer, strategist, and storyteller I flexibly bring the right user-centered solutions to the right audiences to drive meaningful change. 

I have progressive experience leading and building brand, marketing, product development, and commercialization strategies for over $400M in enterprise tech solutions. Those solutions have crossed the spectrum of platform technologies, flexible APIs, raw data exchange, SaaS data science tools, and artificial intelligence in the supply chain, sustainability, and the financial services industries.


See how partnering with me can create value for your organization. 

Business Design

Ideal for pre-seed ventures, VC-backed startups, and mature organizations.

Set clear vision and dynamically create processes that position you for success. May include identifying whitespace opportunities, product-market fit, organizational design and more. 

Product Strategy and Launch

Ideal for anyone that needs to get good ideas in the hands of their customers.

Create more user-centered products, roadmaps, and offerings anchored in design research and market needs - then bring them to market with a concerted launch that maximizes ROI. 

Speculative Design and Foresight

Ideal futurists or companies seeking to future-proof their vision and strategy.

Identify emerging trends and signals, envison what a future influenced by those signals could look like, then back-cast to identify immediate steps you can take today to prepare or course correct.

Small Business Coaching

Ideal for owner-operators, freelance artists, and local businesses.


Identify your "why" and clearly articulate your unique brand voice, value proposition, pricing, and what sets you apart. May also include service design for scalable delivery. 

Growth Marketing Strategy

Ideal for anyone that needs to find leads and turn them into new business.

Deploy scalable and iterative marketing strategies that help your team do more with less and extend the lifetime of each campaign. May include paid ads, web and content strategy, SEO and more. 

General Consult

Ideal for everybody I mentioned and anyone I didn't; come say hi!

Human-centered design and strategy are interdisciplinary by nature, making me an expert generalist and flexible problem solver. Reach out and let's talk about what value we can co-create. 





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