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Beyond the Movement: Exploring how innovative leaders can help shape the future of transportation

Table of Contents:

  • Author's Note

  • Introduction - The Transportation Precipice: Ushering in a Decade of Innovation

  • Ch 1 - Leading Change Through a Paradigm Shift: Uniting People & Process

  • Ch 2 - Amplifying the Value of Artificial Intelligence: The Power of Collaborative Data

  • Ch 3 - Thinking Algorithmically: Better Strategic Choices Amidst Noise

  • Ch 4 - Executing on Promises: The Future Role of Sustainability in Corporate Strategy

  • Ch 5 - Creating Enduring Strategies: The Shift Towards Collective Optimization

Author's Note

Historically, [company] has released an annual compilation of excerpts gathered from thought leaders across industries to enhance our dialogue around topics of interest to our shipper clients. The [company] spirit of innovation that drives us to always reach for more does not stop at our client interactions and solutions development. Much like our team, services, and the scope of our business, our desire to provide thought provoking commentary evolved into something much more than we have ever released.

Finding novel topics to highlight can be difficult. We, along with many publications

feel like a broken record: data is everywhere, complexity has increased, the only constant is change. These mantras, while true, are missing a key characteristic that make the commentary surrounding them useful to those who are executing strategies on the ground.

That characteristic is context.

Our candid conversations with passionate and charismatic leaders in data science, behavioral economics, policy, and transportation struck us differently than they have in years past. In this, we felt a much deeper shift occur.

Previously, we provided brief commentary on large, bucketed topics that focused on concrete events. But true trends cannot occur in a vacuum, so this year we could not, in due diligence, present these ideas as separate narratives within an abbreviated document.

We illustrate our process to bring life to the idea that the way our industry is changing

is far more nuanced and dynamic than a single moment in time, blog post, paragraph,

or interview could convey. For this reason, along with our commitment to providing our

clients with best-in-class, strategic solutions, we are releasing our first journal to provide

strategic thought leadership.

Read the Full Journal Below

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