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The Traveler's Story: An empathetic journey to more than just an app

After a semester's worth of work diving into the operational challenges facing airlines addressing their passenger's oversized luggage issues at the gate, we were left to present our ultimate solution.

For a deep dive into the opportunity, the process, and solution, check out the full project overview here.

But months of empathizing with passengers, gate agents, and airline employees and prototype after prototype left us with a simple-yet-delightful solution that clearly addressed our users' journeys and research insights. But could it make you feel the pain experienced across the system? Was it clear just how aggravating the oversized-carry-on problem really was?

No powerpoint or list of bullets could really illustrate the complexities involved in the problems we faced. In our final presentation, we needed to make those pain points sing, and connect them to an enterprise solution that not only alleviated that pain, it circumvented it altogether.

Check out the video we put together to supplement our capstone project:

Video written, edited, and voiced over by me. Project in collaboration with Matthew Meyer and Jess Chen.

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