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Policy Brief: A call to Fund Essential Transportation Infrastructure

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Executive Summary

As citizens’ lives and corporate operations fundamentallychanged to protect our collective health and wellbeing duringthe pandemic, the flow of people and goods shifteddramatically. When looking at over-the-road (OTR)transportation, in particular, movement patterns shifted fromtypical expectations significantly, but not all travel types wereinfluenced to the same degree.

This analysis supports more funding allocation towards theinterstate highways that enabled commercial freight shipmentswhile citizens who use local infrastructure stayed "safer athome." In 2021 and beyond, essential freight transportation'sinfrastructure needs need to be accounted for first and will relyheavily on interstate highway funding at both the federal andstate level.

Read the Full Report

Policy Brief - Support OTR
Download PDF • 2.98MB

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